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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Copycat --"

khas untuk awk..=)
copycat --"
What a nice dress, I say.
What a nice dress, you say.
That perfect top! I shouted.
That perfect top! You shouted.

Great minds think alike?
Or is it a simple fight?
Copycat, copy cat
Go home and chase that rat.

I’m sick of all this copying
I hate all of this mock smiling.
Why do you do what I do?
What if I ate wasabi ice-cream, would you too?

Best friends go shopping together, they say.
But how do you expect me to do it,
If you keep acting that way?
I’m sure you know what you did that day.

It pisses me off that you copy my style
No, it is not a compliment to me
When you stop me from buying what I like,
It’s just my fault for letting you hear and see.

Each person is unique.
Each person is different.
The top I like is too small for you
And you’re too fat to wear those skinny jeans.

I sound mean and bitchy.
But it’s you who keep making my hands itchy.
One day, I’d have an outburst.
But for now I’m going to buy that hoodie first.